Courses at Sotheby's Institute of Art – London

Through the period of May – June 2018 the director of the Lewben Art Foundation Indrė Tubinienė has completed a course in Marketing, Strategies and Social Media in the Art World at Sotheby's Institute of Art – London. In a digital age, the role of marketing has become integral to business success. This course provides participants with an enhanced understanding of a dynamic and rapidly changing field through the analysis of case studies and scenarios, as well as promoting the skills necessary for art market navigation. The course is designed for those who wish to understand more about aspects of marketing such as strategic planning and methods of shaping effective communication with their target audiences.

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Courses at Sotheby's Institute of Art are offered to provide unparalleled opportunities for participants to gain practical skills and insight into the international art world. Each course is designed to address the specific needs and interests of its participants.

The Lithuanian Art Centre "Tartle" opened in Vilnius Painting from the collection of the Lewben Art Foundation is included in the permanent exhibition of the National Gallery of Art
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