NFT.NYC – the biggest NFT event in the world

On June 20–23 Ugnė Bužinskaitė, the director of the Lewben Art Foundation, and Giedrė Marčiulaitė, the executive director of Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation, have attended one of the world's leading annual non-fungible token event NFT.NYC in New York.

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NFT.NYC started off as a small group of meetings in 2019 and it is now the leading NFT conference in the world.

Celebrating its fourth year, the conference returned for a three-day in-person event that brings together fans, influencers, and developers of NFTs.

This year’s event attracted more than 15,000 artists and enthusiasts, and more than 1,500 crypto experts to speak on NFT art, gaming, film, music, blockchain technology, and more.


More information available here.

Exhibition "Parallel Projections" at the Lewben Art Foundation Charity auction during the US Independence Day celebration
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