Photoreportage from the special screenings of Vilnius International Film Festival "Kino Pavasaris" at the Lewben Art Foundation

The viewers who are looking for conceptual experiences beyond traditional cinema theaters had the only opportunity to participate in special screenings of "Line Describing a Cone" (dir. Anthony McCall) at the Lewben Art Foundation, located at Bernardinų str. 6 in Vilnius.

KP23 LinijaApibreziantiKugi AS 18

Line Describing a Cone is made from a beam of white light emitted from a film projector positioned at one end of a darkened room. Passing through the projector is an animated film of a thin, arcing line that, frame by frame, gradually joins up to become a complete circle. Over the course of thirty minutes this line of light traces the circumference of the circle as a projection on the far wall while the beam takes the form of a three-dimensional hollow cone. Mist from smoke machines gives the beam of light a greater density, making it appear almost tangible.


Photos by Audrius Solominas

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