Charity auction “Stand with Ukraine”

On May 5 the "Vartai" gallery and National volunteer support coordination center "Strong Together" held the charity auction of contemporary art and design – "Stand With Ukraine". During the event the guests were invited to contribute to the support of the Ukrainian people suffering from the war by purchasing the work of art. The Lewben Art Foundation also participated in the charity auction and acquired artwork "Contemporary Art" by Stano Masar, which consists of 120 ceramic tiles.

Stano Masar Contemporary Artsmall
Stano Masar. Contemporary Art, 2008 (detail), (ceramic tiles, 120 pieces). Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation

Half of the funds raised during the auction will go to the auction partner "Strong Together", which provides a wide range of assistance to the Ukrainian people fleeing the war.

New artwork in the collection – sculpture "Crossing of Disaster" by Rūta Jusionytė The #lewbenartchallenge at the Lithuanian National Museum of Art
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