Lewben Art Foundation's curator is in the jury of YPP Awards

For the sixth year in a row we support Young Painter Prize Awards and this year our curator Francesca Ferrarini is also among the members of the jury.

Lewben Art Foundation's curator Francesca Ferrarini

Young Painter Prize (JTP) - one of the most important art events in the Baltic countries, held since 2009. This project combines the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian young artists a common goal - to present their national identity, art school practices and personal creative potential. According to art critics, the project has become a kind of Baltic younger generation painting chronicler, an important platform for young artists.

The project  “Young Painter Prize” welcomes the participation of young artists from three Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). The main aim of the project -  to present the brightest and most promising painters of the younger generation and to create an opportunity for public access to such dynamic new art. Moreover, this projects aims to help its target audience in both Lithuania and abroad – art collectors, managers, curators – discover new talent in Baltic States.

This project is focused solely on artists under 30 years old from all disciplines who have acquired (or are in the process of acquiring) a diploma in art. The age limit has been imposed deliberately as the organisers wish to concentrate only on those very young artists who have just graduated (or are graduating) universities and have not yet had the opportunity to appear in public. This category of young artists is most vulnerable and has the largest need for support.


Organisers: Julija Dailidėnaitė ir Vilmantas Marcinkevičius

The Patrons of Young Painter Prize: Dali Van Rooij Rakutyte, Mindaugas Raila, the family of Nicolas Ortiz, the Lewben Art Foundation


X Young Painter Prize Awards
018 11 09 19 val.
Tsekh Gallery Vilnius (Vytenio st. 6)

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