New artwork in the collection – “Nr. 127-02“ by young artist Jonas Meškauskas

The Lewben Art Foundation is excited to announce our newest aquisition – Jonas Meškauskas artwork „Nr. 127-02“ (2023) from the series “Decoy II“. Jonas Meškauskas (b. 1998) is part of the young generation painters from Lithuania. Currently he studies painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. 2018 marks his start in taking part in creative residencies, from 2020 he began showcasing in group exhibitions. In 2021, he held a solo exhibition in Lukiškės Prison. While in 2022 he became the finalist of the “Young Painter’s Prize” competition.

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Jonas Meškauskas. Nr. 127-02, 2023 (oil on cardboard, 207 x 191 cm). Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation

Jonas Meškauskas artwork can be found in between the tension of alienated reality and domesticated state of the unreal. He uses corrugated cardboard as his canvas, this already contradicts the durability and prestige of the traditional painting techniques. Contradiction also can be traced within the conceptuality of his work. The monochromic imagery depicted in his work can seem ghost-like. For example, this work comes from the series “Decoy II”. A game of hide and seek of meaning - we can not only see the ghost-like aesthetic visually, but also pick up on the abstract or maybe even alienated nature of the artwork’s narrative from the title and the scene at play.

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