New artworks in the collection – photographs by Lee Jeffries

Lewben Art Foundation is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of a pivotal collection of photographs by Lee Jeffries, a renowned British photographer celebrated for his evocative black and white portraits.

2023 05 13 18 10 42 author Rytis Seskaitis
Lee Jeffries. Metallica: 72 Seasons, 2022. Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation (photo by Rytis Šeškaitis)

Born in 1971, Lee Jeffries originally pursued a career as an accountant, but life had different plans, leading him on an unexpected journey into the world of photography. Lee Jeffries began his career in photography by capturing sporting events and creating stock images for a bike shop. However, a fateful encounter with a homeless girl in London during the 2008 marathon sparked a significant shift in his artistic focus. Deeply moved by the experience, he decided to center his work on street photography, specifically highlighting the plight of the homeless. His ability to bring the reality of homelessness into sharp focus has not only won him global acclaim, but also transformed his work into a form of activism.

'Metallica: 72 Seasons' captures the portraits of the iconic heavy metal band Metallica, while 'Homeless' presents his powerful, empathetic portraits of the homeless community. Through the publication of his books “Lost Angels” and “Homeless”, Jeffries has not only received critical acclaim but has also made significant contributions to charity work for the homeless. The Lewben Art Foundation is proud to house such thought-provoking and impactful work from this distinguished photographer.

With a growing portfolio of celebrated exhibitions in such cities as London, Paris, New York, Rome, Milan, and Stockholm, and accolades from esteemed publications including Time Magazine, The Independent, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and Nikon Magazine, Jeffries has firmly established his place in the international photography scene. His exhibit "LEE JEFFRIES. Portraits. L'anima oltre l'immagine” at the Museo Diocesano di Milano in 2023 further solidified his reputation as a photographer of great depth and sensitivity.

Exhibition “Litvak Artists in Paris” at Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum Photoreportage from "D9 - Artsy Office" during Open House Vilnius weekend
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