The open-air exhibition "Homo Absentia" now on view in Šiauliai

The open-air exhibition “Homo Absentia” organized by the Lewben Art Foundation and previously located in the squares of Vilnius has now opened in the Resurrection Square in Šiauliai. The exhibition in Šiauliai was organized together with partners – Lithuanian Photographers Association, Šiauliai Art Gallery and Šiauliai City Municipality.

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The exhibition "Homo Absentia" the Resurrection Square in Šiauliai

According to Justinas Klimašauskas, Board Member at “Lewben”, who was born in Šiauliai, this exhibition, the time and place chosen for it work very well together: “The exhibition “Homo absentia” is about empty cities and time of pandemic during which we live surrounded by restrictions. However, the chosen place – the Resurrection Square – seems to symbolize the bright future. Šiauliai is a very rapidly changing city. The Resurrection Square, where the exhibition is now on view, was recently renewed and returned to the citizens. Together with “Lewben”, we are happy to contribute to the new walking routes in Šiauliai, which now also include the open-air exhibition. Maybe it will become a beautiful tradition.”

New artworks in the collection – photographic objects by Vytautas Kumža Talk on creativity during pandemic with curator & artists of exhibition "Homo Absentia"
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