Conversations with collectors. Interview with Daiva Lialytė

"Conversations with collectors" is the conversation series presented by the Lewben Art Foundation (LAF) and For the past ten years the Lewben Art Foundation has been expanding its art collection with plans to open an art centre in Bernardinų str. 6–12 in Vilnius in 2022. By hosting this project, LAF, together with the art critic Karolina Tomkevičiūtė and photo artist Visvaldas Morkevičius, intends to shed light on Lithuanian art collectors and their experiences.

Daiva Lialyte. Visvaldo Morkeviciaus nuotrauka
Art collector Daiva Lialytė (photo by Visvaldas Morkevičius)

The project attempts to bring people who share an appreciation for art. Part of the interviewees are art collectors and patrons, while others are on a quest of seeking unique cultural discoveries. This series of discussions will unveil how art collections are born, what arbitrary situations may arise in the meantime and ultimately, what are the benefits and value that are generated from the very interest in art. Some of the interviewees' private collections have grown to the point of museum exhibitions, while others are used solely for personal reverence. These stories aim to inspire and enlighten those who are considering purchasing artworks. Additionally, these discussions hope to impart a new way of experiencing art.

In the first part of the series, art lover, collector, communications expert, and "Integrity PR" director Daiva Lialytė discusses her experiences and stories bestowed by art. The collector claims that she does not want to be surrounded by empty walls and that culture is as essential as a breath of fresh air.

Full interview (in Lithuanian only) available


Project is partially funded by Lithuanian council for culture.

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