Project dedicated to Lithuanian artists living and working abroad – Pakui Hardware

The idea of such project was born in the mind of famous Lithuanian photographer Arūnas Baltėnas during his trip to the USA back in 2018. He decided to travel the world visiting diaspora artists living and working abroad, take pictures of their studios and talk about the sources of their inspiration as well as their relationship with the homeland. The material collected during Baltėnas journeys turned into essays and series of photographs.

Pakui Hardware. Underbelly. Solo show at MdbK Leipzig, Germany, 2019

Project is organised by Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation founded by Lewben Art Foundation with the aim to systematically explore the art of the diaspora and return it to their homeland. The art collection administered by the Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation contains artwork by Lithuanian expatriates from the period starting with the beginning of the 20th century onwards.

The conversation with the artist duo Pakui Hardware is available in IQ Life.

New "Coffee with Monika & Art" publication in 15min New artworks in the collection – photographs by Paulius Petraitis
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