The “Zuzeum” team visit in Vilnius

Agnese Kleina, director of the private museum “Zuzeum” in Riga (Latvia), Ieva Zībārte, head of exhibitions of the museum, and other members of the team, as well as Olga Temnikova, the head of “Temnikova & Kasela” gallery in Tallinn (Estonia), visited Vilnius on August 16–17.

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Guests from Baltic countries are visiting MO Museum in Vilnius

During the trip, the guests visited the largest private collections in Lithuania: Lewben Art Foundation’s collection of contemporary art at the house of the collector Vilius Kavaliauskas, and two private museums in Vilnius – MO Museum and the Lithuanian Art Center “Tartle”. They also visited key art institutions, including the Contemporary Art Center, which is currently hosting the 14th Baltic Triennial.

This visit is the beginning of a future project of the Lewben Art Foundation (Vilnius), "Zuzeum" (Riga) and “Kai Art Center” (Tallinn) dedicated to private art collections in the Baltic States. The project will take place in 2021–2022 in three cities: “Zuzeum” Museum in Riga, the Lewben Art Foundation Art Center in Bernardinų str. 6–12 in Vilnius and “Kai Art Center” in Tallinn.

New artwork in the collection – Chim↑Pom photograph "Kokkurisan Tattoo" Talk at Užupis Art Incubator summer project "Vilnelė Stream"
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